Copyright Pieter van Tonder © 2016
El Shaddai Herfsdeken The Crossing The Missing Piece The Eye Predator Queen's Gambit Heaven and Earth Passage
  • Autumn came quietly and mysteriously, suddenly, as a cat from somewhere jumps on a window sill. The land changed and a colorful spread covered and warmed us.
  • That magical moment when all falls in place and the veils lift; a moment of clarity, wherein all make sense as a coherent whole. Somewhere between free will and destiny, two forces battle for sovereignty. What we perceive as our reality is perhaps the dust kicked up by this eternal battle, beautifully tinted by the setting sun. Sometimes free will wins, sometimes destiny, but for the most part they’re inseparably intertwined in their fiery tango.
  • Oil on canvas | Size: 120 x 90cm
  • Oil on canvas | Size: 100 x 76cm