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A very interesting piece touching on the sensitive themes interwoven in the old world between two certain rivers.

One of the most effective ways to maintain a relatively objective eye in the creation of an original work of art, is to work on a few at the same time and thus to rotate the subject. This approach freshens not only the eye but the mind as well because a different set of thought processes are involved in each instance.


This one should speak for itself.

No solution to any of life’s big challenges is perfect and a danger lurks in even the most elegant plan. In my case, in painting, of juggling multiple projects the danger exists of not finishing them, of running out of steam and rather to start something new because the rush of a fresh adventure feels good and generates more energy.


This will be magnificent when completed.

Like with all things in life worthy of pursuit, sinking lots of time and effort into it often only pays off right at the very end.

Therefore I try to maintain this attitude, and need to perpetually remind myself that the journey itself
is perhaps the biggest part of the joy of life.


120x90cm A large complex piece about 40% complete. A throng of immigrants will appear shortly.

For happy is he who eats his fruit; happier he who tends his orchard.






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